Parade Info

Poulton Gala 2019 Procession details

Starting positions and times

The parade will assemble and leave from Wyre Civic Centre car park, Breck Road – on the right hand side near the rear of the car park.

Individual starting positions will be indicated by a small numbered white tile on the floor next to an allotted parking space. To those of you that have confirmed attendance I will send your specific starting place the week before the gala. 

All walkers must be in place for 11:15 if they want to be judged for the fancy dress competition. Note we leave at 12:00 on the dot.

ALL VEHICLES must be in place for 10:30

Unfortunately we can’t accommodate large articulated wagons as they are just a bit too big for Poulton’s streets (sorry).

Please try to stay within your allotted space(s) and retain your place/order within the parade.

The parade will stop for a few minutes while the Singleton Cloggers dance outside the Thatched House, you are more than welcome to use this time to perform to the crowds as you wait for the parade to recommence.

The procession is anticipated to end around 12:45 – 13:00 immediately followed by the Gala Queen crowning and the afternoon entertainment (weather permitting!). In case of poor weather the crowning will take place in the newly refurbished VPCC (the old church hall on Vicarage Rd).


There will be free parking on sections of the Civic Centre car park but please note that the car park will be locked after 19:00. All other town centre car parks will be operating as normal.


Facilities have been kindly arranged with Wyre Council from the Civic Centre up to 12:30.


This year’s route takes in as many of the local shops and businesses as possible.

As usual no vehicles will be allowed into the Square but can either drive on past the entrance to the Square and return to the Civic centre or pull into the bus bay behind Booths to allow people to disembark safely, where they can then walk into the Square.

Walkers will be directed up and into the Square and past the stage area.

During the parade

We try to discourage anyone other than parade participants to walk alongside the procession. We appreciate that this is difficult with small children but please try to keep numbers down wherever possible – or ask that parents/helpers dress-up and join in? Anyone in fancy dress is most welcome!! The theme for this year is Circus!

Because the route is complicated (a sort-of figure of eight) it is important that we keep the parade tight. Please do not allow large gaps between groups leaving, perhaps, just a car’s length in-between so that groups are distinct but not too far apart. There will be helpers along the way that will be attempting to control this but your help would be much appreciated. Ensure that drivers of vehicles do not stop and leave the vehicles at any time and no ‘unscheduled’ stoppages please.

Parade finish 

Visiting Queens will be shown to reserved seating near the stage.

We need all other walking groups to exit from the Square as quickly as possible to avoid bottleneck and congestion. You will therefore be guided through the crowd, past the stage and out through the churchyard.

Please note that all the churchyard gates (two on Ball St and the one on Chapel St) will be closed to general public to allow the parade to enter the church yard safely from the square.

Visiting queens and their retinues will be offered refreshments in the newly refurbished VPCC (the old Church hall on Vicarage road) after the crowning ceremony, approx 13:30. 

1st Aid

We have first aiders and paramedics around on the day. If you require first aid please contact a marshal or come and see us next to the stage.

If you know of anyone else that would like to join the parade please let us know – walking late comers are always welcome.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

In the event of rain

If the weather is bad the parade will still carry on as planned although the gala queen crowning will take place inside the newly refurbished VPCC (the old church hall on Vicarage rd). Anyone wishing to watch the crowning are more than welcome and you will be directed to the VPCC if this is the case. 

General reminder

If you have not already confirmed with us that you are bringing a vehicle we will need notice and you will need to ensure that you have adequate insurance.

If there is any news or interesting information about your group that would would like us to announce as you come up through The Square please let us know and we will endeavour to share it with the awaiting crowd.

This year we will be judging the floats and the walking groups so good luck to you all (we will still be providing certificates to all attendees)

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all on the day!!